In your personal life, you may encounter barriers in many areas:

• You have doubts about yourself and you feel very insecure about making choices.
• Your employer gives you more work and you run the risk of getting overworked.
• You do not feel at ease but you do not know what is going on.
• You have the feeling that you do not have control over your life.
• You no longer feel happy in your love relationship.
• You want to stand up for yourself because others do not take you into account.


Divine Balance offers RelationshipCoaching, Consciousness Coaching®, Trainings, Medium Consults, E-Courses, a Channeling Column©.

You grow to an authentic human being, full of strength and vitality. During the coaching and training you will be motivated and inspired to your ability to look and see possibilities in your consciouness . Your consciousness grows and develops in such a positive way so that you are able to live your own life in an authentic way.

What will you be experiencing? ‘Divine Balance’ means that everything you have and try to bring into your life is in balance with who you really are on a soul level. You will bring energy towards your highest goals that fit your life path. By experiencing inner peace and happiness your ’Divine Balance’ is confirmed.

• You will experience a deep inner peace and a sense of self-worth.
• You will come into a state of consciousness in which you no longer will be carried away by what  happens in and around you.
• You will create the possibility of focussing your energy and attention on what is actually intended  to be in your life.
• You will notice that you are going to change your position in your daily life.
• You will act much more freely and more authentically.
• You will love yourself unconditionally.
Life is All about Balance
Be wise and trust your heart