Viviana Geurten, owner of DIVINE BALANCE and creator of THE DIAMOND PROCESS®, inspires and motivates people in their Process of Personal and Spiritual Development of Authentic Power and Balance. A new life and a new world will reveal itself to you as you develop your Authenticity! Your Consciousness becomes Clear, Positive and Focused.

Your Soul’s Blueprint is your inner Diamond and if you choose to actualize it, you reach your Highest Authentic Potential. You feel Free to express your Authentic Life Purpose and share your Authentic Talents and Gifts. 

In developing your Consciousness, you will learn to look at yourself in an Authentic way. Your thoughts and emotions will become more Balanced.  You experience inner peace and love.

THE DIAMOND PROCESS® is for anyone who wants to:

develop more self confidence, Authentic Power and success;
• develop Personal Leadership;
• learn to trust his/her Intuition;
• conduct a more balanced, happy Authentic life;
• discover one’s passion and Authentic Life Purpose;
• eliminate insecurities in order to be more at ease with oneself.

The Ego has the illusion of positive attention, power (win, lose, win, fight, perpetrator and victim), recognition, fear and the ability to want to use the outside world to influence. The ego judges and commits a major attack on the integrity (oneness, wholeness) of the soul. Ego-Consciousness is directed outwards and thereby makes himself dependent on the approval of others. The Ego has to become a natural extension of your Authentic Self (soul, Diamond) to experience Balance, Freedom, Happiness and Success in all areas of your life.
By the transition of an Ego-Consciousness (fear, controle) to a Heart-Consciousness (love, trust) you grow into self-acceptance and self-esteem. Become the Authentic version of yourself and integrate it into your Career, Relationships, Life & Personality.
This Development- and DiscoveringProcess® is characterized by perception, understanding (awareness), healing of inner wounds, clearing your subconsciousness and transforming to self-consciousness. 
The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind
Your subconsciousnes mind is programmed to Attract people who activate your inner Wounds and Blocked Beliefs. The uncomfortable feelings come to the surface to heal and align with your Soul, the part of you that is whole. The Soul knows how Lovable, Valuable and Powerful you are. Empower yourself from the inside out!
Dr. Bruce Lipton at Stanford University Medical Center discovered that “most people don’t even acknowledge that their Subconscious Mind is at play, when the fact it is a million times more powerful that the Conscious Mind and that we operate 95 to 99 percent of our lives from subconscious programs…”
Your SUBCONSCIOUS “BLUEPRINT” dictates how happy you’ll be, the relationships you’ll attract, the successes you’ll experience in your career, the levels of your confidence. It literally influences EVERY aspect of your LIFE.
Choose to introspect and diagnose yourself on a daily base.
Only when you are willing to understand and have genuine interest to investigate in yourself, love can come your way and there is more movement in the development of your heart consciousness (selflove, joy, peace, freedom, kindness, patience, compassion).
Choose to Liberate yourself from Judgement and Comparison.
When you let go of the need to compare and judge anybody or even those who judge you, you will experience a shift in your Consciousness.
A new life and a new world will reveal itself to you as you raise Your Vibration to Authenticity! The Diamond Process® is for the ones who want to Shine and no longer want to Hide.
Choose to Let your Inner Love Shine bright like a Diamond. Your Soul’s Brilliance!

• Are you a thinker and would you like to be more in touch with your Feelings ?
• Are you experiencing inner turmoil but you do not know why?
• Do you want to rely more on your  Intuition ?
• Are you afraid to follow your Desires and Dreams ?
• Would you like to create Flow in your personal and working life ?
• Do you want more Succes, Happiness and Freedom in all areas of your life?
• Do you often think negatively about yourself ? Blocking beliefs?

Take your Chance & Choose The Diamond Process®. Authenticity & Balance 

Life is All about Balance
Be wise and trust your heart

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The lotus flower is the symbol for inner growth, your own purity and beauty .
This flower resembles a person who seeks his own truth. Symbolically the lotus flower has its roots in the troubled muddy water of ignorance, pain and suffering. Man grows from an unconscious life (rooted in the mud) through its life path (the long stem) to consciousness (the open lotus flower). The blooming lotus flower also symbolizes what is called ‘growth towards enlightenment’. A visible Diamond in the Lotus Flower, The Diamond Process®.