01-01-2014      Viviana is weekly Radiohost in the “Soul 2 Soul ” Radio Program
broadcast on RPP FM Live  Streaming World Wide From
Viviana is a Medium and Channels with the “Lords of the Akashic
Every Monday and repeated at Wednesday & Sunday.
01-10-2013 Affirmations Guide –  Download for free
A Guide to Create the Life You Desire
Use daily Affirmations and the power of positive thinking as a tool
to bring  about positve life changes.
01-08-2013 Gratitude Journal – Download for Free
When you are Grateful, energy flows from your Heart and 
activates more Blessings from other people, as well as the Universe.
31-05-2013 Order the E-Book “Conscious Quotes To Inspire You” in the Shop (€ 22,50 exclusive VAT)
Click to see my E -Book Promotion
10-05-2013 Read here the Succes Story and about The Interview.
06-05-2013 Listen to  my Interview on the Australian Radio Soul 2 Soul. (repeated on 20-01-2014)

 06-05-2013 Listen to the promotion of my Interview on the Australian Radio Soul 2 Soul.
A life style program of  ‘Mind, Body and Soul’, the world of ‘Spirituality’
and Personal Development.
The Invitation Download Poem
Relationship Coaching
Relationship Coaching applies the powerful principles of Consciousness 
Coaching® to the field of Relationships, which interweaves with all aspects 
of life. For singles, couples or for individuals who want to improve their skills
in any kind of relationship
01-03-2013 Mindfull Meditation – Download Meditation
01-03-2013 Inner Journey (guided meditation) – Download Information
Based on your Intentions together we make an Inner Journey to your subconscious.
This Journey has a Healing effect on your life.
Spiritual Guides and I accompany you during the whole session.
How ? By Skype or Videocall on Facebook. Time: 1 hour
01-03-2013 The Value of an Akashic Record Reading – Download Information  
What is blocking you from making your dreams come true ?
 23-02-2013     Certified Angel Card Reader (Educated by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine)
Angel Tarot Cards are the world’s oldest and most accurate divinatory tools. These cards give you the answers and insights. One Card Reading, Three Card Reading,  Multi-Deck Reading and The Celtic Cross Reading are possible. Before starting a Coaching Cycle it’s possible to do a Celtic  Cross Mail or Skype Reading to have more insights in your path of self empowerment.
 01-02-2013     Team – Coaching & Training in your company or institution ?
Team Coaching takes place according to the Consciousness Coaching ® method.
It is recommended that the coaching beforehand to go through a training method to introduce. The training can be conducted in collaboration with Soulce. 
 01-02-2013     What is Coaching ?(PDF)
 25-11-2012     I am listed or on the list or of:
 23-11-2012     International Diploma Professional Consciousness Coach ®
 23-11-2012     International Diploma Accredited Consciousness Coach ® (ACC)
 Master Trainings I attended the Consciousness Coach Academy  
     Mastery of Relationships (PDF)
     A three-day breakthrough experience and transformational process
     specifically aimed at offering the necessary insights to create   the relationship you’d love to have. 

02-09-2012     Master III-I The Consciousness Coaching Process  An awareness training  program (2 times 4 day)in accordance with ICF global standards.

15-07-2012     Master III-II The Consciousness Coaching Process (PDF)

29-04-2012     Master II The Creation Process™ (PDF) An awareness training for 4 days that learns how to become a Master in Communication

25-03-2012     Master I The Awareness Process (PDF) An awareness training for 4 days on personal consciousness development.

01-01-2012   My Inspiration

                      ‘As I began to Love myself’  by Charlie Chaplin (PDF)
                      ‘Our Deepest Fear by Marianne Williamson (PDF)
                      ‘Letting Go’ by Nelson Mandela (PDF)

Life is All about Balance
Be wise and trust your heart 




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