Diamond Program – 4


The Diamond Process®  E-Courses & E-Book

13 Diamond Steps to Develop Authentic Power
The Course contains 13 advanced Steps to fulfill your Soul Purpose. Your Inner Diamond needs to be excavated, cut and polished so it can shine brightly.

Values & Beliefs
A Guide to Change and Create your Reality based on your Authentic Self.
What you Value, Values You.
What you Believe is your Truth.
Create Your List of Values
Discover your Top 5 Personal Values .
Limiting and Empowering Beliefs.
Transforming Limiting Beliefs.

Diamond Questions
Diamond Questions are questions that are provoking to see inside, feel and get more information than your mind could ever image. Self-Coaching is a great way to Create and Manifest changes in your private or working life in order to boost your happiness and success. Create your own Diamond Questions and Coach yourself to the Life of your Dreams.