Poster Master Your Authenticity


Viviana Geurten was guided to design the Poster “Master Your Authenticity”. Focus Daily on the Words on this Poster. They transform your (sub)consciousness in higher and supportive vibration. It affects your Life. Love flows where your Attention goes. So be aware of your Process. You will feel more Joy, Peace, Blessings and Alive ! EnJoy it !

Each soul has a certain percentage of Male energy and Female energy, regardless of the gender of the physical body. These energies are two aspects of the One and are not really opposed or dualistic. The significant importance is that you need to Balance both energies. Both energies, male and female have to attain a Harmonious whole. The Male and Female energies are inherently never separate and deeply interwoven within you. Do you feel inspired, moved or touched to read more and really 'get it' ?  Order and download the E-Course “Master Your Authenticity”.