Relationship Coaching


Relationship Coaching applies the powerful principles of Consciousness Coaching® to the field of Relationships, which interweaves with all aspects of life. The Coaching is for singles, couples or for individuals who want to improve their skills in any kind of relationship.

Relationship Coaching supports you in getting to the next level of what it is you are about achieving (e.g. passion, communication, love) and brings back that magic and spark to your life and relationships with others. Relationships are the source of your brightest joys and also your deepest upset.

Perhaps you are stuck, lacking clarity, focus or direction – or lacking a partner? What is your highest dream for your relationship?

After your order “Free Intake” send an email to


Free 30 minutes Skype intake. Before you decide to start your Relationship Coaching journey I do an Intake for 30 minutes. We will talk about your current life, where you are stuck or want to improve your skills and your goals. After your order “Free Intake” send an email to

When you decide to start the coaching sessions you receive a Questionnaire to reflect on your achievements to date, what you have done, and not done and what you really want to create going forward using these coaching sessions. In the first session we will create a powerful Coaching Cycle Agreement. It supports you in looking where you are in your life and what you really want to start creating.