Viviana Geurten and Elio Pagliarulo (composor from Australia) have decided to work together.
This amazing collaboration is based on Healing your Heart, Awakening to purer Consciousness and Developing Authenticity. Elio has specially composed music  for the famous book “The Healing Codes” which is written by
Dr. Alex Loyd.

Viviana offers Elio’Music on her website and you will
be redirected to Elio’s Music Store to order and download the Music.

Elio’s music is infused with intention and each piece is created to evoke specific emotions to stimulate the body, mind, and spirit to healing. The relaxing, and peaceful sounds of Elio’s music, including the Healing Codes Music have been described as “glorious, pure, soul reaching, deeply loving and divinely inspired”.

Listen to the songs ‘Love’ and ‘Patience’ from The Healing Code Album.
Love‘ & ‘Patience <- Click Here to Listen!

MUSIC FOR THE HEALING CODES <- Click Here to order!
Elio composed Music specially for the Healing Codes.
Music for the Healing Codes compliments The Healing Codes and together they create
a self-healing system that incorporates the power of music and the healing codes to heal the body and soul.


Music for Healing & Meditation <- Click Here to order!
Healing, relaxation and meditation music has many transformative, meditative, and healing powers. Numerous studies have proven that music can and does affect the human body on a cellular level and transforms brainwave patterns.

7 Albums 7 Hours of Healing and Relaxation Music <- Click Here to order!
This Special of 7 MP3 Albums includes: Music for the Healing Code, The Return, Truth, Tree, Sepia, Pearls of Peace, and Chants of the Inipi.


Music – Love Frequency (528 Hz) <- Click Here to order!
The 528 Hz frequency is an important healing frequency, known as the Love Frequency.  Each of these tones has a role to play in harmonizing your mind, body and spirit. The Love Frequency creates a deep connection between you and the surrounding universe – soothing your heart, calming the mind, cleansing the spirit, and helping to promote longevity and improved health.

Music for the Healing Code Part II

Healing Codes Music II  <- Click Here to Order.
The Music for the Music for The Healing Codes Part 2 has been designed to touch and connect with your heart, soul, and energy body. Feel deeply moved by these inspiring, and moving melodies designed with the intention to transform you, from within, as well as your body’s vibrational energy to the feelings of love, peace and happiness.


Visit Elio’s website -> Click Here to order!