A Highly Sensitive ‘lady of Justice’
As ’Master of Law’ I have always encountered the world in a rational and analytical way. As ‘Lady of Justice’ I have many years of experience in the profit and nonprofit sector. In 2004 I discovered that I am a Highly Sensitive Person and I decided to incorporate this feature in my personal  and spiritual development.
During my legal career, I took several training courses and workshops in personal and spiritual development. In 2008 I made the decision to coach, train, inspire and move people in their personal growth and/or spiritual development.  My professionalism has since blossomed further through continuous development and inspiring experience in the field of  authentic power.

Would you like to discover your Inner Diamond and develop your Personal Balance?

It has become my Lifepurpose, Passion and Personal Power.

I love to guide you as a Coach/Trainer and/or Medium.

How I work ?
I am a committed, passionate International Professional Consciousness® Coach  in my being and doing. Coaching is a way of living my life. I create a safe and supportive space with my client and have an open, sensitive and  enthusiastic style of coaching. I show genuine concern, respect and personal integrity. I provide ongoing support for new behaviors, actions including involving risk taking. I access my own intuition and trust one’s inner knowing.
I use humor effectively to create lightness and energy during the coaching sessions.
I demonstrate confidence in working with strong emotions. I communicate effectively by active listening, asking powerful questions and direct communication.
I have the ability to integrate and evaluate sources of information that helps the client to gain awareness and thereby achieve agreed-upon results.

My gift of clairvoyance (medium) and give me deeper insights and thus I offer holistic support to my clients. Together with you I recognize the unconscious motivations and your challenges mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually and we work on these during the sessions.

Vision of Viviana Geurten
Inspire people to Create an Authentic Life filled
with Love, Wisdom, Personal Power and Success.

Mission of Viviana Geurten
Coach, Train and Motivate people to develop
Authentic Power and Balance.
The Diamond Process®.

Quote of Viviana Geurten
Life is All about Balance
Be Wise and Trust Your Heart

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Viviana Geurten
Viviana Geurten – LLM (Master of Law)
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