A TransformationProcess of Awakening to purer Consciousness and Developing Authenticity.
The Diamond Process® is about Empowering people to fulfill their Authentic Potential.

Everything in Life is a Process and The Diamond represents the eternal Soul.
The Diamond Process® is a registered trademark and is developed by Viviana Geurten.

Your Diamond is your Soul’s Blueprint and if you choose to actualize it, you reach your Highest Authentic Potential. You feel Free to express your Authentic Life Purpose and share your Authentic Talents and Gifts.

The Diamond Process® is for the ones who want to Shine and no longer want to Hide.
A New Life and a New World will reveal itself to you as you raise Your Vibration to Authenticity! Let your Inner Love Shine bright like a Diamond.

The Diamond Process® contains Coaching, Trainings Authentic Power, E-Programs, E-Courses, E-Books, Workshops and Intuitive and Public Readings to develop your Authenticity.

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The Diamond
A Diamond is a symbol of the richness of the Authentic Self, the Soul.
It represents purity, love, clarity, abundance and innocence.
The Greek word for diamond – adamas – means invincible.

A Diamond is identified with the immortal part of the self, the personal identification with the Infinite Source (God). An evolved soul is able to refract its light from the insight out and serve as a beacon to the outer world.

The beauty of a Diamond is compared to
the inner beauty of a Human Being.

Your Inner Diamond needs to be excavated, cut and polished so it can shine brightly. A diamond can only cut a diamond. So we are all ‘diamond cutters’.
Only a soul can reach another soul.

Life is full of challenges (angles of a diamond). But if you walk your path with a honorable heart and are aware of the reflective nature of your life  (your actions reflecting in your reality), you accomplish your process.
You understand your own emotional challenges by developing a positive mental attitude and increasing self acceptance, self esteem and self confidence. With this Process® you walk a path on which your Soul will shine and sparkle as brightly as a Diamond. Your character is determined by how you challenge yourself  in a way that is unique to you. This is how character is polished and becomes a Diamond.

“The authentic self is the soul made visible.”
Sarah Ban Breathnach

The Diamond Process® teaches you to gain awareness about unconditional love, wisdom and power. It brings you positive energy, inner peace and joy to create and manifest your desired destiny.

“The Diamond Process® is a perpetual Life Process,
like the seasons of each year.”
Viviana Geurten