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A Diamond is a symbol of the richness of the Authentic Self, the Soul. It represents purity, love, clarity, abundance and innocence. The Greek word for diamond – adamas – means invincible. Your Inner Diamond needs to be excavated, cut and polished so it can shine brightly. A diamond can only cut a diamond. So we are all ‘diamond cutters’. Only a soul can reach another soul. Life is full of challenges (angles of a diamond). 

The Diamond Process® transforms and integrates your Ego with your Soul. Your personal willpower becomes a natural extension of your Heart, the desire for being real, express wisdom, follow your intuition, love, passion and unity of the Soul. According to the famous psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung you are innately programmed to Wholeness through the Integration of the Ego and Soul.
If you go through your Diamond Process® with a honorable heart and are aware of the reflective nature of your life (your actions reflecting in your reality), you accomplish a Happy Ego and Shining Soul. 
The Diamond Process® shifts your internal drive to evolve to Authentic Power, Purpose and Mastery (leadership). By Transforming your Ego consciousness to Soul consciousness you Create a new Authentic, Brilliant and Successful Reality!

…is directed outwards and thereby makes itself dependent on the approval of others. 
…has the illusion of attention, power (win, lose, win, fight), recognition, fear;
…is  called the lower self, disconnected from the Source of all things;  
…forces thinking on the past or speculate about the future and takes you out of the present moment;
…judges and commits a major attack on the integrity (oneness, wholeness) of the Soul.
…seeks to serve itself, is drawn to lust and drama, enjoys the prize, driven by fear and control;
…is cause to pain, seeks to be filled, sees life as a competition, feels lack;
…is mortal …is  Your Identity!

…is called the higher self, divine and connected to the Source of all things 
…is the aspect of your being for inspiration, creativity, advice and protection;
…seeks inner authenticity, sees life as a gift, is driven by love and wisdom; 
…enjoys the journey, is eternal wholeness;
…is cause of healing, feels abundance, is drawn to love and stillness; 
…is eternal…is Your Authentic Self (True Self)!

Ego and Soul are a ways to define aspects of your psyche for the purposes of personal and spiritual growth, ‘the observer’ (soul) and ‘the observed’ (ego). The wounded ego or hidden parts (= shadow) of your Authentic Self need to be healed and transformed into light. Your consciousness shifts to a higher vibration of Authenticity, your True Self.

The Diamond Process® is about empowering people to fulfill their Authentic Potential. It is a Process of Awakening to purer Consciousness and Developing Authenticity.  In developing your Diamond Consciousness (= Soul consciousness), you will learn to look at yourself in an Authentic way. Diamond Consciousness is an alert state of awareness of your true unique self.
You are aware of your Divine Diamond (=Soul) and you are able to observe your own reactions and thoughts without being totally identified with them. You understand your own emotional challenges by developing a positive mental attitude and increasing awareness, self acceptance, self esteem and self confidence. With this Process® you walk a path on which your Soul will shine and sparkle as brightly as a Diamond. The Quality Of Your Life evolves in all areas to a Higher Level.

Develop Authenticity

Discover your Authentic Life Purpose              

Master your Authenticity

Discover your “Values and Beliefs”

“Heal and Embrace your Inner Child”

Discover “The Power of Desire”

Develop your own “Diamond Quote”

Coach yourself with “Diamond Questions”

Meditate and “Clear and Transform your Sub consciousness”

Meditate and “Raising your Vibration to Abundance”

Meditate and “Balancing your Female and Male Energy”

Focus on your Authentic Self

Understand the influence of “13 Cosmic Chakras” and “13 Cosmic Laws”

 … Actualize your True Self as an Authentic Presence
 … Create from your Soul’s Consciousness
 … Manifest from your Heart Consciousness
 … Be aware of your Thoughts, Feelings and Intuition
 … Be aware that Change is part of your Authentic Life
 … Be aware of your Intentions, “Being” and “Doing”
 … Take Responsibility and Commitment for your Actions
 … Have an Open Heart and practice Forgiveness
 … Live a Life of Flow and Abundance
 … Live a Life of Expressing your Talents with Passion
 … Live a Life of Joy, Inner Peace, Stillness and Fulfillment


Viviana Geurten has compiled a “Diamond Manual” for each Transformation Package (= White, Pink, Blue). However you can use any part of this package in your order and timing. Whatever you feel is needed at a moment, situation or time in your life. Trust your Intuition to guide you to the right part of the content. Do not hurry your Diamond Process®. It all depends on your own Authentic Process and Evolution of your Ego, Heart, Body, Mind and Soul. Your Soul always knows exactly what you need at the right timing.

Start your own Diamond Process® now to create a Brilliant Future! 

Breakthroughs and Changes only happen when YOU take Action.

Now is the Time to take your Life to an Authentic Level!

Do you take the Challenge? Discover, Experience & Enjoy!

Need Guidance? Viviana Geurten is a Medium and an international certified Consciousness coach®. She helps you on a deep level. Coaching & Medium Consulten.


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