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The IBAN-bank account number is NL45ABNA0595302718 to the name of
Divine Balance in Valkenburg (The Netherlands – Europe).

IBAN                      NL45ABNA0595302718 (IBAN: International Bank Account Number)

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Chamber of Commerce Number 14102389

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COACHING  Consciousness Coaching® & Relationship Coaching

Intake (max. 30 min)  Free of charge
Consult  € 175,00 per hour including VAT.

For companies and  institutions a quote can be sent upon request.


Inner Journey (guided meditation)        € 100,00 including VAT.
10 Positive Reasons to an Inner Journey

Based on your Intentions together we make an Inner Journey to your subconscious.
This Journey has a Healing effect on your life.
Spiritual Guides and I accompany you during the whole session.
How ? By Skype or Videocall on Facebook. Time: 1 hour
Akasha Records Reading                        € 100,00 including VAT.
The Value of an Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Record contains all of the Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions that you put
out into the universe in past and present lives.
By looking at who you are from an energetic point of view  I can find out what maybe energetically blocking you from achieving your goals.

Tarot Card Reading – CACR™
One Card Reading €   20,00 incl. VAT
Three Card Reading €   55,00 incl. VAT
Multi-Deck Reading € 100,00 incl. VAT
Celtic Cross Reading Mail     € 100,00 incl. VAT
Celtic Cross Skype Reading € 75,00 (max. 30 min) incl. VAT



For companies and institutions a quote can be sent upon request.

Giving and Receiving Money.
Money is not a goal but a flow of energy between you and me.
I give from trust and unconditional love.
You invest for your future authentic growth.
Viviana Geurten

Life is All about Balance
Be wise and trust your heart
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