Individual Training, grouptraining or Workshops are focused on your personal power, awareness and relationships (business and/or private). The Trainings and Worshops give you deeper insight into who you really are, your feelings but also your limiting thoughts. As a trainer I give space to inner transformations to let you experience with what there is.

You develop a wider consciousness and thus you are able to communicate more authentic. You are a source of inspiration for yourself and your environment. You experience your life as your own Creation and Inner Balance!

Each Training can also be  given as a custom Workshop.
A Workshop is usually a haf-day ( max. 4 hours).

After a training or workshop it is possible to be coached in accordance with the International  Consciousness Coaching ® method.

Training ‘Development of Authentic Power’ – Give the Best of Yourself 
Authentic Power is the key to Success. You will experience more enthusiasm, creativity and energy in your work life.
By exploring and choosing to do what suits you and get more out of your unique talents and desires you increase personal effectiveness. This allows you to focus on The Way to developing your Authentic Power (= your true self).
By doing what you do best, using your talent(s) and qualitiestouches,  inspires and motivates you. From your wishes and dreams, you set goals that fit your authenticity. You will learn to choose consciously your passion, your ‘soul purpose’.
The training will enable you to:
• Being more Consciousness of your personality. Who am I?
• Recognize and explore your Authentic Power . What do I want ?
• Discover and develop your Mission in your life. How do reach it?  

Training ‘Hidden Authentic Qualities’ – Embrace the Best of Yourself again.

Every person has hidden qualities (= dark side). They consist of all the sides in yourself that you  hide, deny or suppress. But this shadow side can unexpectedly come out and give you a slap in  the face. Compare it to a beach that you try to keep under water. How can you release it ?

The training will enable you to:
• To discover what qualities you keep hidden.
• To achieve your desires with more passion, energy and enthusiasm.
• To embrace what you do not allow in your authentic self. 
Authentic Personal Training Strength & Qualities – The Best of Yourself

A training especially composed for  you and based on the  Training ‘Development of Authentic Power’ and ‘Hidden Authentic Qualities’.In this private training you discoverWho am I? What do I want? How do I do it?
What quality do you keep hidden.
What you do not allow in your authentic self.You will learn:
• the benefits of your authentic power
• the universal life process
• You rid of fear, regret, shame and self-defeating behaviors.
• You rediscover hidden qualities and embrace a quality you’ve won back.
Life is All about Balance
Be wise and trust your heart


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