Master Your Authenticity


A person of integrity seeks Mastery and takes action and struggles to overcome his or her own challenges to become Authentic. Mastery means you are grounded, integrated and centered in your True Essence. Your Personality is aligned with your  Authentic Self. You know who you really are and accept your true self.

Each soul has a certain percentage of Male energy and Female energy, regardless of the gender of the physical body. These energies are two aspects of the One and are not really opposed or dualistic. The significant importance is that you need to Balance both energies. Both energies, Male and Female have to attain a Harmonious whole. The Male and Female energies are inherently never separate and deeply interwoven within you.

Viviana Geurten has written the E-Course after she was inspired to channel the “10 Characteristics of Authenticity”. It contributes to develop Mastery of Authenticity. Personal Balance in your Life of Freedom.