Consciousness Coaching®


Consciousness is the human operating system within which we think, feel and act. Effective and lasting changes in life require an increase in your consciousness.

Coaching has established itself world wide as the number one empowerment tool when it comes to liberating one’s dormant potentials, creating new levels of awareness and removing all obstacles for creating the life one would truly love to live.

Consciousness Coaching® challenges you to your true potential exploit. You'll learn new communication skills that will help you achieve what you want. Instead of advising I ask powerfull questions. These give you the possibility to discover your own solution.

After your order “Free Intake” send an email to


FREE Intake 30 minutes Skype
Before you decide to start your Consciousness Coaching® journey I do an Intake for 30 minutes. We will talk about your current life, what area you are stuck and your goals.
After your order you send an email for a Free Intake to

When you decide to start the coaching sessions you receive a Questionnaire to reflect on your achievements to date, what you have done, and not done and what you really want to create going forward using these coaching sessions.

In the first session we will create a powerful Coaching Cycle Agreement. It supports you in looking where you are in your life and what you really want to start creating.